About This Site

Welcome to the Blue Thong Society's Long Term Care website. We created this website to help educate our members on the importance of planning for your long term care. Long Term Care is a woman's issue!

Our objective is simple: It is important to us to care for our community. We've learned that far too many women haven't had the opportunity to develop a plan for their long term care and that this affects our community deeply. To address this issue, we created this site and partnered with a long term care specialist to give every Blue Thong Society member the resources they need to educate themselves and develop their plan. 

We Gather Together...

BTS Chapters meet regularly in cities across the U.S. to plan outrageous outings, festive get-togethers and fabulous efforts on behalf of the charitable causes they support. Blue Thong Society members span all age groups and come from all walks of life, yet they all share the same need to be a part of a sassy group of women with youthful spirits to connect both socially and philanthropically.

To Do Good Works...

Every BTS Chapter adopts a local charity and works as a group to support their cause. We’re a philanthropic engine that is just revving up. As we grow, our ability to have a positive impact on our communities and our country will be enormous. Think about it: Thousands of fun-loving women coming together to be a powerful catalyst for doing good works for the worthy causes we support. The outcome can only be good!

And Fight Frump!

We can’t say it often enough. We refuse to conform to the norm and live the rest of our lives out quietly. There’s too much to see and do; too many friends to meet and causes to work for; and too much fun we don’t want to miss. We will wear our hair long and wear bellbottoms and hip-huggers if we want to, and encourage all of our girlfriends, old and new, to Fight Frump Forever!